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Pneumatic valve actuators

AVP 242...244

Pneumatic valve actuators

How energy efficiency is improved

Precise valve activation with only the slightest air requirement


  • Activation of 2-way and 3-way valves of the VUD/BUD, VQD/BQD, VUE/BUE, VQE/BQE, VUG/BUG, VUS/BUS and VUP series for continuous control facilities or for open/close control

  • Silicone-free, therefore usable in many applications

  • Long-term stable NBR diaphragm

  • The direction of operation can be reversed by fitting the unit to the bracket the opposite way round

  • Stroke indicator enables the position of the actuator to be determined quickly

  • Compressed-air connection with Rp ⅛” female thread

  • Patented actuator–valve coupling enables the two units to be connected quickly and easily

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